We love tigers.  We wanted to do something nice for them.  Turns out we weren’t alone. 

Five of South Africa’s amazingly talented artists were
willing to each supply us with work to create a set of postcards.  The only request was that the work should include our favourite large, stripey cats.

The following artists were kind enough to participate:
Kirsten Beets, Maria Lebedeva, Wonder Meyer, Elsabe Milandri, Andrew Sutherland
We have a limited amount of 100 sets available.  Each set includes all five postcards and the addresses of the brave rangers who are risking their lives to protect tigers against poachers. This project was inspired by the World Wildlife Fund’s “Cards for Tigers” initiative. You send a postcard to a ranger to tell them how awesome they are!
The amazingly talented and kind Lorraine Loots was kind enough to paint a tiger miniature and donate five of the prints towards this project! Once all postcard set have been sold, we will have a random draw and five lucky tiger postcard owners will also receive one of Lorraine’s beautiful prints! 
Each set is R200.00 (excluding shipping) and absolutely 100% of the proceeds is donated towards the Save Tigers Now campaign, for tiger conservation.
Please contact us if you would like five tigers of your own,